RarieDaSavage – [RarieDaSavage]

This should likely come as absolutely zero surprise to anyone reading this but Atlanta has yet another young star on their hands with nineteen-year-old RarieDaSavage who recently released from jail and subsequently released his new self-titled EP that proves him to be one of the most versatile and naturally gifted artists on the street side, naturally catching all of the flows and melodies that some of his more established peers first captured attention with. “Real Stepper” is the first really memorable track on the EP which is certain to turn you up upon your first listen, as Rarie delivers a very catchy hook which he follows with a cut-throat first verse that shows off some of the natural vocal talent and distinctive southern accent that is so potent yet rare.

He follows this motivational track up with a melancholy and emotional cut with “Nobody” where he declares “I don’t need ‘nun but part of my life,” which evidences the clarity and maturity that Rarie has that is far beyond his counterparts in his age group. Fellow Atlantan and bona fide rising star Baby Plug joins Rarie on the open and throwed track “Freestyle” that samples that one little Spongebob twang that you’ll recognize instantly if you listen, but both Rarie and BP each eat this beat in their own right. I am very, very excited to see what RarieDaSavage does next and am certain that he has quite a bright future on his hands.