Raps – [Pronto]

Here to make his Lyrical Lemonade debut today is an incredibly talented young artist going by the name Pronto. With his newest release, “Raps”, listeners receive just the introduction they need to his music as he hits the ground running right off the bat with versatile lyricism, powerful flows, and a resilient vocal presence to add strength. Complementing this, the production from Mahalo sets the atmosphere on just the right note, blessing Pronto with a soulful, slightly ominous background instrumental that will have anyone clicking replay again and again. The song is unbelievable by itself, but once added to visuals from Sean Wuzy and Chris James, we get to see Pronto’s lyrics come to life as he hangs out in a room of deposit boxes with his team, showing off the eccentric energy and burgeoning power that comes through on this release. Overall, Pronto will definitely be a name to watch for the future based on the strength of “Raps”, so check out the new video below and follow Pronto on Twitter here!