Ranch Water-[Story Slaughter]

Story Slaughter has got to be my favorite surprise of the past few weeks. After a year full of artist discovery, my mind was feeling  crowded by the very thing I claim to love, which is finding music. Once you reach a certain point though, there’s only so much music you can listen to before everything begins to sound the exact same. Going in to the winter break, I was determined to take a break from music and not dive back into it until January; My plans completely changed though when Story made it onto my radar during the last week of December. I get a lot of music sent my way and one night, while mindlessly scrolling through a playlist, I stumbled on “Ranch Water”, the pop-country tune that completely took my attention and hasn’t given it back since.

From the moment I pressed play on this one, I knew there was something special about the artist who made it. My excitement could not be contained as I immediately hopped on Instagram to DM Story and learn more about her as an artist and a person. The 27-year-old Dallas, Texas native explained that she grew up singing in church and in middle school musicals but never really pursued it until High School. From then on, Story’s musical journey landed in areas like worship leading and singing at friends wedding which have played a huge role into who she is as a singer and creative. Quarantine inspired a lot of us to either try new things or dive back in to old hobbies which is what Story found herself doing as she explained that now she can’t stop writing songs. Thank goodness for this time too since without it, we probably wouldn’t have been blessed with such a great song to obsess over.

I got the chance to grab some insight from Story about the song “Ranch Water” and she explained:

Ranch Water is about questioning if you’re on the right path. I hail from a neighborhood in Texas where everyone’s path can seem pretty uniform, especially as a woman. You go to a southern school, you meet a man, you marry that man, y’all settle down and have kids, and hopefully – all before your 30th birthday or so. I am not saying it’s what everybody wants necessarily, but it just happens! And here I was (am) in Los Angeles, pursuing my dreams of becoming an actress, desperately missing my family and feeling that oh so un-unique insecurity of, is this all a pipe dream? (Cue Emma Stone’s monologue). I am a long way away from feeling settled in my life – but I don’t want to go back to my hometown and try for that sort of life yet either. So I guess I’ll just drink tequila and have a taste of Texas out here in LA and maybe tomorrow I’ll have the answers. That’s the essence of the song.”

Every time I listen to this offering, I’m blown away by the catchy nature of it but also the seamless emotions that are weaves through the inner workings of it all. Story Slaughter is intentional when it comes to her writing and the story she aims to convey. A woman who has a lot of music to share and a lot of love to give, Story embodies the type of artist who we love covering on our page. I’ve wasted no time in attached the Spotify link down below, so give “Ranch Water” a listen as soon as you can and let us know what you think! Enjoy!