Raining – [Candypaint]

Candypaint has been steadily cementing his name within the Rap community. He has gained recognition from some incredible cosigners, is close to many industry insiders, and has a vast group of friends who are all making their own waves with their own styles. He has an attitude as if he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks which is what truly brings his music to new heights. He’s creating music he enjoys in order to live his life by his own rules, and this has helped contribute to the following he has continued to attract over the past few years. It does seem as if he’s been relatively quiet in the past couple of months, but I think that’s because he is going through a process of growing with his music and not just making things for the sake of making them anymore.

This point is abundantly evident in his latest music video for his song “Raining”. This somber offering is kicked off by impactful synths and mystifying piano keys that seem to mimic raindrops. The track is beyond introspective, taking a deep dive into his emotions and although these things might be hard for him to share, his message is important. Utilizing a smooth, melodic voice throughout the verses, he talks about rappers who peaked way too early on in their career as well as more serious topics like loved ones he has lost due to drugs and imprisonment. The Hook mixes the repetition of the word “Raining” with meaningful and emotional background vocals that belt out the word with even more emphasis.

The visual is a different take on the theme of the song, considering the single itself contains very dark and gloomy elements, but the video is packed full of colorful lights. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of effects throughout other than amping up the brightness at times and playing with the saturation of the colors. Beyond that, it’s honestly difficult to tell what is actually physically surrounding him and what is edited in. As Candypaint recites his verses, you can see the pain behind his eyes as he seems to struggle to get his words out because the painful topics he highlights still don’t seem to be real to him.

Candypaint has clearly come a long way with his music based on this singular song. He went from running around the streets with his friends to taking some of the hardships he has experienced and implementing those lessons into one of the things he loves. Although it is undoubtedly tough for him to actually speak these words because of how depressing they might be, he’s using this outlet to cope and I think it’s very impressive of him. If you were expecting to hear the old Candypaint, like I was, going into his latest track “Raining”, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the progression he has impressively shown.

Words by Danny Adams