Raindance – [MANILA GREY]

Canada’s music scene has been growing at exponential rates over the past few years. Each month, it seems there are more talented acts emerging to prominence globally. One act that is booked to be one of Canada’s next big breakout acts is the incredibly talented MANILA GREY. The duo consists of singer Soliven and rapper Neeko Francisco, the duality between the two artists is what sets this group above the rest. The pair works exclusively with producer azel north, together they have crafted a sound that belongs exclusively to them. “Raindance” is a smooth hip-hop cut with pop appeal that allows both artists to showcase their respective talents. MANILA GREY is the sum of its total parts, each member brings something unique to the table that makes each release a pleasant surprise for their fans.

This single serves as the latest single leading up to their highly anticipated EP No Saints on Knight Street, which is a nod to their hometown Vancouver. MANILA GREY is an act that has been consistent over the past few years, releasing quality music that has created an international fanbase that connects with their music in a personal way. Stream “Raindance” here and be sure to get familiar with their entire catalog!

Produced by 40K and Azel North