Rain – [Tommy Ice] ft. [Annamarie]

Atlanta is obviously a music city that needs absolutely no introduction, but it goes so much further and deeper than just the surface. While names like Future, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, and countless other massive artists are lucky enough to call this city home, there are definitely so many other artists that are making remarkable music, even if these aforementioned names might get all of the mainstream attention. Nonetheless, I want to bring these underground icons the credit that they rightfully deserve, and my list begins with Tommy Ice.

Tommy is someone who I have been listening to for years, watching him come into his own as a producer, rapper, and all-around creative, and at this point, I feel like I’m lucky enough to even consider him a friend, even if it’s just through the internet at this point. He never fails to impress me, and he definitely continued to do so on his latest SoundCloud released song “Rain”, featuring Annamarie. Produced by Tommy himself as well as Guala, this one features lighthearted ukulele-sounding strings that clash with pungent 808s and crisp percussion that give a slightly trap-like sound to an otherwise serene foundation.

Annamarie, who I wasn’t previously familiar with, has such a calm presence on this track, allowing her vocals to simply glide along over the production, making her an artist I’m beyond grateful to have on my radar now. When Tommy comes in, he incorporates some of his slightly gritty vocals that don’t lean on any of the typical autotune or other vocal effects that might’ve been popularized by other artists in the industry currently, but he doesn’t need these alterations, and they would actually take away from his bars if they were used, in my opinion.

Here, he almost casually spits his bars as if he has shared his messages thousands of times already and he’s getting tired of repeating himself, but this emotion and delivery is something I’m not used to hearing from anyone else which makes it that much more unique and enjoyable, at least for me personally. I simply can never get enough of Tommy’s music, and even if “Rain” might just be a single, I know that we can expect so much more from the seasoned underground icon as the year progresses, so I definitely can’t wait to see what else unfolds moving forward.