Rain On You! – [JELEEL!]

I think it’s safe to say JELEEL! is an absolute star. The Rhode Island-bred juggernaut wen completely crazy during his performances at SXSW and Rolling Loud Miami, and is back with a new single and video that embodies the reason JELEEL! is ascending the way he is. His single and simultaneously released video for “Rain On You!” doesn’t stray from the addictive formula JELEEL! has created for himself. “Rain On You!” is tightly-wound, in-your-face, euphorically melodic, and brought in with a rumbling set of drums backing him. The song’s perfect visual counterpart is simple but so incredibly effective. JELEEL! is center stage, and all the energy felt through the video comes from him, no over-the-top visual effects, crazy saturations, just an electrically charged JELEEL! rapping to the camera, with a subtle flex thrown in here and there for good measure.

Watch the “Rain On You!” music video from JELEEL! below.