Radamiz and ICECOLDBISHOP set the stage ablaze with “Ffiirree.”

Brooklyn’s Radamiz has dropped a fiery new track, “Ffiirree,” featuring an equally blazing collaboration with ICECOLDBISHOP. This standout song is part of Radamiz’s latest album El Duende! and it’s the only track on the album that features another artist. As someone who found a deep appreciation for Radamiz’s unique style as I listened to the project, “Ffiirree” quickly emerged as a personal favorite.

Radamiz’s approach to the classic East Coast sound is refreshing. With “Ffiirree,” he puts his distinctive stamp on the genre, and when coupled with the mesmerizing instrumental by Sadhugold and a verse from ICECOLDBISHOP that got me out of my seat, the result is pure magic. The track is backdropped with Sadhugold’s phenomenal musicianship, including electrifying guitar strings and soothing background vocals, providing the ideal canvas for Radamiz and ICECOLDBISHOP to let loose and spit lyrical flames.

What truly sets “Ffiirree” apart is the dynamic interplay between the two emcees. Radamiz and ICECOLDBISHOP bring contrasting styles to the table, and it’s remarkable how seamlessly they blend their sounds into a cohesive track.

“The deadwood must be burnt off, resets need to happen, the food must be prepared, the tempers may have to rise, and the pressure is on! Fire is essential to our life and the preservation of it.”

Stream “Ffiirree” below, and check out the rest of Radamiz’ album El Duende! here.