Racks Bring the Rats – [Keshore]

It’s never been a hidden fact that the music industry is pretty cutthroat, and friends are typically not the easiest thing to come by. Over the years, I have made tons of connections and keep in contact with so many people from so many different parts of the country, but it’s hard to know who I can consider a friend or who is just a business acquaintance. That’s typically because so many people ask me for things without even having a normal conversation, so when I know someone wants to hit me up just to chop it up and ask how I am doing, it literally means the world to me.

I say all of this because Keshore is truly my friend, and I am beyond grateful to not only have the pleasure of calling him the homie but considering just how talented he is as an artist, I feel like the coolest dude on Earth when I put other homies onto his music and tell them that our friendship goes deeper than just hip-hop. After linking up a couple of times when he comes through Chicago and even seeing him perform live, I know just how insanely gifted he is, and even if you don’t have the luxury of knowing him the way I do, music like his recently released song “Racks Bring the Rats” will show you exactly the kind of entertaining and impressive skill set that he has brought to the table throughout the years.

If you know anything about Ke, you should already know that his versatility is unmatched when looking back at his discography because he has run the spectrum from revealing love ballads to all-out rage and enthusiasm in other bangers, pulling each one off with ease. While I can’t say I personally prefer one style over the other because they’re all great in their own rights, I do love it when he brings the heat and unleashes every last ounce of personality, and that’s exactly what he does on this record.

The instrumental for this one helps to maximize this thanks to the lively melodies and up-tempo percussion, but nothing steals the show away from the underground icon whatsoever. He starts off with a super eager and somewhat off-kilter flow that constantly evolves into various different deliveries, each of which seems to show off a different side of his persona as he even boasts a plethora of different voices and characters that get more and more captivating as the track goes on. I could talk about Keshore’s skills all day without running out of things to say, but in all honesty, his music is best understood when you listen to it yourself. With that being said, “Racks Bring the Rats” is the latest must-listen track from Keshore, and the Angel Orozco-directed music video just makes this a release that is even more essential than ever.