Racks Blue – [Lil Kizzle]

For some reason, it takes quite a lot for me to remember my age. I’m only 26, but I guess the music I typically listen to makes me feel like I’m in my younger 20s more than past the halfway point to thirty. I mention this because it really puts things into perspective when I find out about an emcee who is still in the prime of their teenage years like Lil Kizzle. I don’t think there is a disadvantage to gaining traction later in life on the music front, but those who start out young give themselves even more time to grow and figure out what skills will take them the furthest.

For Kizzle, he just dropped a new song called “Racks Blue” produced by Regis Mele that features a horn-forward melody and some crisp percussive elements. It might not be the most insane instrumental I’ve ever heard, but it was perfect for Kizzle’s purposes, and it really let him shine. When he opens in the hook, I was slightly underwhelmed in all honesty, but it’s his verses where he gets down to business and truly shines. I say this because the chorus is just a little bland, but his verses are his moment to really go off the rails and show how diverse his flows can get.

Continuing on, he is able to shove so many words into certain lines that they just should blend together the way they do, but there is something about Lil Kizzle’s delivery that helps each line mesh with its predecessor just as well as they do with their follow-ups. I think Kizzle has the opportunity to really turn some heads, and being just 17 years old is a huge leg up for him because he has the time to work out the kinks until every song he puts out is flawless.

Even if “Racks Blue” isn’t necessarily perfect, it is still a very appealing record that has me excited about Lil Kizzle moving forward. If this is your first time hearing about the Toronto native, make sure you stay tapped in to listen to his other releases moving forward because I’m confident that they’re only going to continue getting better.