Racer – [Rockie Fresh] ft. [Vic Mensa]

While Rockie Fresh might not necessarily be a name that pops up as consistently as it once did, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still just as talented as he once was back in the day. I just remember when one of my homies put me onto him when Electric Highway first came out, and I’d bump that in my headphones almost every single day in my high school study hall. Although it has been years since that happened, actually closer to a decade than I’d like to admit, Rockie was one of my early favorites in the rap game and I have to credit him for changing my perspective of music in general.

Even though I can’t go back in time and relive those moments that shaped me into the person I am today, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Rockie, and I will always continue to root him on and try to support him in any way possible. I might not listen to him as much as I used to, but every now and then when I see a new song or project of his come across my screen, I have to tune in and see what he’s up to.

Most recently, he teamed up with fellow Chicagoan Vic Mensa for their incredible new track called “Racer”, and I loved how they both pushed themselves out of their boundaries on this one. ZALE and Di$ handle the production with some intense, meaningful piano keys before some punchy drums and rattling percussion enter into the picture and provide a New York City drill-inspired rhythm that is as catchy as ever.

I mention how they’re pushing themselves out of their comfort zones because neither artist would typically find themselves on a beat like this, but their respective veteran statuses in the rap game make this almost too simple for them as they go in and shred their verses apart with ease. While Rockie rotates through a variety of flows, Vic gets down to business with one of his most stern, compelling verses of recent memory, and this tag team is a duo that needs to work together a lot more moving forward because it seems as if they just make each other so much better and push one another to be the best version of themselves as possible.

I love when rappers evolve and adapt to new, popular styles of music rather than remaining in their own comfort zone because it’s way too easy to become complacent in the music world. Rockie has been doing this for over a decade and while he could’ve stuck with the same style that he began with, he has constantly grown as an artist and adapted to different sounds that not only show off his professionalism and dexterity, but also his love for music and his desire for continuous growth. Vic has taken a similar approach, but he has even explored other genres as well, keeping listeners always guessing while consistently delivering quality music. Rockie and Vic are two of my favorite Chicago emcees of the last decade, so their latest song “Racer” is an undeniable must-listen.