Queen Hill – [Projexx]

Oftentimes, when I sit down to write the articles I post, I look at various artists in the United States and write about them because that’s who I’m familiar with and I like to remain in my comfort zone. At the same time, though, there is literally a world full of unbelievably talented artists that I need to remind myself to not count out, because if I do, then I’m going to be missing out on some of the most creative and innovative sounds that are being brought to life.

Sure, I’ll write about certain grime artists like Skepta or slowthai or other European acts like Young Lean and Bladee, but even these articles are few and far between, and I told myself that I need to start broadening my horizons. Luckily, one of the homies just sent me a brand-new release from Jamaica’s very own Projexx, and considering he is making some serious waves on the island and beyond, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

The result of this is Queen Hill, a 7 song, 20-minute-long EP that gave me an amazing taste of the skill that Projexx brings to the table, and after my first listen flew by, I found myself compelled to go and dive into the rest of his music, so I’m definitely going to do that as soon as I’m finished writing. Projexx isn’t new to the world of music and comes from a very musically inclined lineage including his father and grandfather who were heavily involved in the booming dancehall scene, and as he grew up, he learned from these two impactful figures by hanging out in the studio and simply observing their sessions.

His influences range from American artists to other Jamaican superstars, adding up to what he calls “a melting pot of musical genres”, and this foundation comes alive on Queen Hill without a doubt. Blending genres like r&b, dancehall, hip-hop, and more on this project, he makes sure to not leave a single page unturned while also not giving listeners too much, causing us to want to dig deeper into his already impressive catalog of music. I could get into specifics, but if I did, I’d be writing until next week, so if you’re looking for new music that’s out of the box without being too unusual, Projexx is the perfect artist to tap in with in order to expand your musical possibilities, making Queen Hill an EP you need in your life as soon as you find some time to check it out.