This scorching hot summer is about to start a forest fire, latin-pop’s newest diva, MAR, just dropped her debut track and here’s why she already passed a million views in less than a week. Before we jump into this beachfront scenic fantasy, let’s dig a little deeper into who MAR is. At seventeen she went on a world tour with some of Mexico’s top folk performers, her flare in the limelight started incorporating guitar, piano and of course those hypnotic vocals. Her debut track “QUÉDATE”, exploded onto the scene and brought together a groovy dancefloor flow with enchanting vocals. Counting the hours to its upcoming dance remixes the video sets the perfect mood for a song title that translates to “stay”. The track lays out the most human emotions out there: temptation, trust, and the unknown. MAR’s solo career has definitely had an explosive start, and for all of you about to fall in love with this clip, she has a whole album worth releasing this year; stay tuned!