Quavo Releases New Music Video For “Galaxy”

Quavo, has just dropped the music video for “Galaxy,” the latest single from his album “Rocket Power.” This release marks his fourth music video from the album, following the emotionally charged “Hold Me,” the introspective “Disciples,” and the heartfelt “11.11.” While the previous videos centered around paying homage to his late nephew, Takeoff, “Galaxy” takes a different turn, showing us a more peaceful and contemplative state as he embarks on a journey to the Dominican Republic. In this video, Quavo not only explores the scenic beauty of the island but also discovers love and connection among the locals.

“Rocket Power” is a significant project in Quavo’s career, not only because of its musical prowess but also because it’s his first release since the tragic passing of his nephew Takeoff. This album has been a canvas for Quavo to channel his grief, emotions, and reflections, and “Galaxy” continues this artistic exploration.

The music video for “Galaxy” is nothing short of a visual masterpiece. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Carlos Perez, it immerses us in the breathtaking landscapes of the Dominican Republic. The crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and vibrant local culture provide the perfect backdrop for the song’s celestial themes. The video is a testament to Quavo’s desire to escape into a different world.

Take a listen to Rocket Power above and watch the music video for “Galaxy” below.