Quarter Life Crisis – [Isabel Dumaa]

I first came across Isabel Dumaa almost a year ago and have continued to keep a watchful eye on her artist project ever since. The San Francisco-native’s debut single, “Call My Bluff”, grabbed my attention one day while I was scrolling through my TikTok feed and it went on to be one of my favorite independent releases of 2022. Somewhere between Maggie Rogers, Taylor Swift, and Stevie Nicks you’ll find the perfect middle ground and that’s exactly where Dumaa hits her strides. It takes a lot to stick out in the singer-songwriter space and not get boxed in, but Dumaa cuts through the noise with her thoughtful storytelling, distinct vocal tone, and tasteful production choices. For those reasons (among many others), I’m elated to welcome her to the Lyrical Lemonade page for the first time today to highlight her most recent musical offering. 

Released last Wednesday, Dumaa’s newest single, “Quarter Life Crisis”, is her second single of 2023 and her most momentous record to date. Catching wind on TikTok over the last few weeks or so, Dumaa has been teasing “Quarter Life Crisis” for quite some time and her dedication to pushing the tune forward finally paid off right before the song’s release into the world. While only 19, Isabel Dumaa writes about her slightly premature quarter life crisis that she experienced after moving to Los Angeles while her life was in limbo. Understandable for anyone, but especially someone who decided to chase their dreams and move to Los Angeles right after high school, Dumaa’s risk seems to be paying off as she continues to elevate her artist project from one release to the next. Singing overtop of a guitar-led instrumental, Dumaa shines in “Quarter Life Crisis” with her catchy melodies and poignant writing which she penned alongside her co-writers, Drew Polovick and Olivia Cargile.  A record that carries a very calculated build to it that offers a spirited dynamic to the song, “Quarter Life Crisis”, is sure to capture your attention all the way through and leave you in need for more music from Dumaa in the future. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “Quarter Life Crisis” using the streaming and video links below!