Quakers – [LilRabbit 730] [ScaleBreaker Blo]

I have been listening to “Quakers” on SoundCloud for months now and have heard it in many places just moving about Atlanta, from people listening on Instagram, to blasting it out of their cars, and even in smoke shops, showing the fact that ScaleBreaker Blo is certainly poised to be “next-up” in his city, as his releases over the last eighteen-months show that he is more than enough talented to lead Atlanta’s new wave, it is only a matter of him being consistent and working hard to fine-tune his sound. Blo is joined by his friend Lil Rabbit 730 or BRab who calmly and nonchalantly slides onto the track alongside Blo, utilizing his own unique flow and stories to put together a very memorable guest verse. I am looking forward to hearing Scalebreaker Blo work with new producers across the city and find a sound to best match his raw and catchy flow and have zero doubt that he will be one of the biggest artists in the city in the next year or two if he can stay down and be consistent.