While Soul, PRESENT brought forth a defining moment for emerging alt-maestro Q, his latest single, “HELLO,” serves as an inaugural glimpse into a forthcoming “short form project” slated for release this year.

The 24-year-old, Broward County-based singer-composer showcases a compelling fusion of haunting bass-lines and captivating grooves, all while casting a hypnotic spell with his resonant vocals. For those unaware of his burgeoning star essence, allow him to introduce himself. Q exudes a timeless and boundless aura that is truly exceptional — evident on his new effort (Oct.20). With the refrain, “Hello, my name is Q, that’s all you need,” Q crafts a magnetic hook, complemented by whirly ad-libs and the steady rhythm of live drums. The track’s simplicity is its allure – sleek, irresistible, and quintessentially Q.

Having previously released full-length albums like Thoughts (2018), Forest Green (2019), and The Shave Experiment (2020), Q’s return in 2023 signals a deeper exploration of his funk and dream-pop influences that occasionally surfaced in his discography. “HELLO” delves further into this sonic niche, with a minimalist music video featuring Q navigating the streets of New York City.

The visual narrative begins with a declaration, “It kept me in my room for months at a time… if you know, question everything. But now I say hello,” setting the tone for the ensuing black-and-white, video-box adventure. Q’s magnetic presence and the track’s infectious charm captivate listeners, leaving them yearning for more.

For those with an ear for quirky, time capsule bops, “HELLO” is poised to become a treasured favorite. Let Q introduce himself properly if you’re new here.

Watch “Hello” below!