Q. Garvin brings variety and raw talent with new EP ‘Just Know We Good’.

Q. Garvin, an upcoming artist who shifted from manager to rapper, took his familiarity with the industry and combined it with raw and versatile talents to create his recent 7-track EP Just Know We Good.

He has the willingness and chance-taking mentality necessary to toy with his sounds, and it shows in this project, which visits all ends of the stylistic spectrum when it comes to musical delivery. His experimental nature brings a different — though all catchy and well-done — experience in every track, making it easy for listeners to find something that resonates with their listening habits.

I listened to this early in the morning, legitimately 20 minutes after waking up. Not knowing what to expect, I clicked play on track one, “Your Side.” Not only was the intro a smooth, intriguing start to the project (and my day), but the transition and build-up of energy it provided, made it one of my favorites of the whole EP. It’s an example of the more mysterious, low-tone, raw delivery that Q has in his bag, and revisits another time or two later in the project like on my personal favorite, “FTF.” Just adding to his arsenal, track two “Too Many Opps” adds a more melodic song, matching the feel of another standout piece “Doing Fine.” Shoutout to artist Siegz as well, as his interlude was a smash. There’s something for everyone in this project. I’m thoroughly impressed by how many styles Q. Garvin was able to pull off — it’s something you see artists try to do throughout entire careers, but rarely can do so effectively. All of these things make me optimistic for the outlook of both this project and Q. Garvin going into the future, definitely one I’ll be staying tapped into.

Check out Just Know We Good on Spotify below.