In very few instances do you have the pleasure of watching an artist grow from the early stages of their artist project to the point where they are reaching millions of fans across the globe. Hailing from Moreno Valley, genre-bending hip-hop and r&b artist, Asha Imuno, is one creative who I’ve been fortunate enough to track the journey of since first getting put on to his music at the release event for his 2021 single, “LONELY NIGHTS”. Although quite some time has passed since that night, I remember there was a very sacred and encouraging energy in the room that evening that helped me confirm then what we all know now – this guy is really, really special.  Fast forward to the present day and to no surprise we’ve seen Asha continue his reign of successful singles with a rare level of creative intention that only the most prolific artists carry with them. 

Unveiled in mid-June, Imuno’s, “PUSHING BUTTONS”, put an end to his 10 month silence from the release circle and replaced it with an exclamation point as to what our expectations for Imuno should be for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. A tasteful blend between Imuno’s soothing mid-range singing voice and witty lyrical rapping ability, we hear Asha explore his infinite range of versatility throughout the song. An introspective record that dives into the psyche of his own mind, “PUSHING BUTTONS” is a self-reflective moment where Asha confronts his internal battles and vices with brutal honesty. A venting session of some sort,  in “PUSHING BUTTONS” we hear Asha come to understand his thoughts and actions on a deeper level as if he’s speaking to himself with more clarity than he previously had. Incorporating a relatively relaxed, yet eerie mood curated by Asha and his go-to producer, Zach Ezzy, “PUSHING BUTTONS” is the ultimate alternative r&b record that you need to add to your rotation this August. Check it out below!