pushin P – [Gunna] Ft. [Future] & [Young Thug]

Gunna has been in the music scene for a handful of years at this point, but it is truly amazing to sit back and think about how hard he was grinding to get to this point. For me personally, it really wasn’t until “Drip Too Hard” went absolutely insane when I first truly paid attention to him, and I haven’t looked back ever since. He is one of my favorite Atlanta emcees for more reasons than I can count, and his albums are always nothing less than a spectacle.

WUNNA is a project that I still listen to weekly, and when I finally had to chance to see him perform live at the Summer Smash last summer, my expectations were completely exceeded. Unsurprisingly, when he dropped his latest album DS4EVER last week, I couldn’t go a day without hearing how great the project was, but I knew this fact from the first chance I had to listen. Out of all of the incredibly diverse and immaculate songs on the album, though, I think a personal and fan favorite is undeniably “pushin P” which has become a trend that has caught fire on social media.

After looking up what this phrase meant, the P essentially stands for Player, and if you’re doing something that’s respectable or staying real and true to yourself and others, that’s “pushin P”. Well, this continues to unfold as we received a brand-new Caleb Jermale-directed music video for the unforgettable track, and Gunna shows us exactly how this phrase works in real life.

Nothing insane necessarily happens in this one in terms of wild settings or exotic places, but Gunna, Future, and Thug all pretty much hit up designer clothing stores, clubs, and parties in order to do their thing, show off their wealth, and have a great time, all of which are things that are pushin P, at least how I understand the saying. I’m not even close to even thinking about getting tired of Gunna’s remarkable new album, so I’m just grateful that we now have a music video for “pushin P” to enjoy as we continue to listen and appreciate DS4EVER.