Purple – [Unusual Demont]

“Purple got it’s name due to me listening to ‘The Beautiful Ones’ by Prince a loooot during the time I made it. The producer – Elijah Cruz – was actually a friend of a friend and had no idea what kind of style I was into or looking for at the time so them sending *that* beat while I was on a Prince kick was damn near divine timing. The song itself is about being with someone and knowing they’re only sticking around to avoid hurting you. It’s a bittersweet experience cause even though it hurts, you still have them around. But in the same way, letting them go is just as bittersweet. I’m excited to put out Purple because it holds a lot of the more alternative elements I hope to present as an artist from this point forward” – Unusual Demont

Madison, Wisconsin’s fan favorite Unusual Demont returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a fantastic lyric video for his most recent song “Purple.” With cited influence from the likes of D’angelo and the late legendary artist Prince, the track is a much slower sensual record compared to his previously released singles, “Amber” and ”Pine.” Admittedly, strict R&B records such as this single usually aren’t my cup of tea, but when an artist of Demont’s caliber sings I cannot help but deviate from my genre preferences. Hue wise, the violet and dark blue tones displayed in the lyric visualizer complement the lust-filled revelations expressed by Demont throughout, as he smoothly makes romantic remarks to his girlfriend. Check out out the official lyric visualizer for “Purple,” edited and shot by Nicole Blue below!