Purple Pain – [Daiyon]

Hailing out of the Midwest, rapper Daiyon returns with his highly anticipated tape titled “Purple Pain”. In this project, Daiyon expresses his experiences and emotions we all go through on a daily basis from life struggles, relationships, losing loved ones, and more. Daiyon delivers passion on each record expressing the hunger and aggression and how to push through these obstacles. The meaning of the album is “Everything That Glitter Ain’t Gold ” which is commonly perceived from day to day from the outside looking in. Daiyon’s meaning of “Purple Pain” is everything we see is colorful, there is a gray or dark side to that in which we all face in life. Purple represents happiness and the things all around us that represent the bright side of life. Pain represents sadness and the darkness we all have to balance and face on a day-to-day basis.

You can hear and feel Daiyon’s passion as he displays and illustrates his own encounters while painting vivid pictures and lines that will either motivate you or give you a blueprint of how to balance everything out when dealing with obstacles. Daiyon opens the album with a very powerful infectious song called “Pray for Me” that will have you listening back-to-back before you can even continue listening to the rest of the album followed by tracks that set the mood and bring you further into his world. Tracks “Ghetto Scarfaces” and “Pain On Me” co-produced by Daiyon take you back to the 80s with “Ghetto Scarfaces” containing a sample from the movie “Scarface” and back to the golden era of hip hop with  “Pain On Me” which is a remake of Tupac’s song “Pain”  that cuts deep and puts you in a trance as he paints a picture with vivid bars. “Drippn Gold 2” is a ball-out anthem for those who flex religiously and “Jealousy” exposes those who hate it.

Stream Daiyon’s “Purple Pain” album after the break.