PUP PACK-[Kenny Mason]

Though Kenny Mason hasn’t dropped much solo music this year, it’s hard to deny the cultural presence that he’s held throughout 2022. From the infamous “Stick” to appearing on the new JID track “Dance Now” and working with Powers Pleasant on “Overseas”, Kenny Mason has clearly been working tirelessly behind the scenes as he continues to establish himself amongst hip-hop’s upper echelon. This week marks Kenny’s first formal solo release of the year, a three-track EP titled PUP PACK that is full of versatile and hard-hitting hip-hop perfect for decorating your upcoming fall rotation. From the abrasive and alt-rock flavored “Halloween” to the experimental minimalism of “Dip!” featuring longtime collaborator DavidTheTragic – Kenny Mason’s writing is just as infectiously candid as it was during the halcyon days of 2020’s Angelic Hoodrat. The EP’s final track “Get An Idea”, however, is painstakingly vulnerable like the previously-released “Self”. “Get An Idea” is woven together by heart-on sleeve bars that showcase Kenny’s incurable feelings of dread, powerlessness, and tension – potentially indicating that his upcoming LP might be far more dejected than those that preceded it. Though this EP may have been intended to just tide fans over until more music is ready, I’m praying that PUP PACK is a sign of floodgates being opened, and a new era of Kenny Mason lurking anxiously on the horizon. Until that time comes, you can catch me streaming this EP as I patiently wait for more music from the Atlanta artist.

Check out Kenny Mason’s new EP PUP PACK¬†below: https://open.spotify.com/album/5GvIhztKbzBgW2VsSUDLR7?si=aI2rDbVLSQa6EWg2nWHDtg