Punk Rock – [She Loves Boon]

When you first immerse yourself into the world of hyperpop, there are just so many diverse and out-of-the-box styles and musicians that it’s impossible to even fathom anything that could be more inventive. While I like to think of myself as a pretty creative person, there are just some others who push the boundaries way further than I could ever do myself, and it’s these individuals who I have paramount respect for, regardless of if they have a massive following or do it strictly for themselves.

She Loves Boon is one of these talents because while I feel like he has created a style that is undeniably his own, others have classified him in the hyperpop genre which does make sense to an extent, but it’s also just too different to be confined to this singular label. I never waste time when it comes to listening to new music from the New York City-born and raised artist, and when I tapped in with his latest release “Punk Rock”, I was blown away more than I feel I ever have been prior.

His trademark pitched-up vocals never fail to appeal to my taste, but his smooth, natural flows and buoyancy over the infectious loe4t and Hadji Gaviota-production is something that seems to elevate this record even more. In the Adam Ginsburg-directed music video, Boon hits a variety of different places as psychedelic, vibrant effects paint the scenery around him like he’s living in a lava lamp.

These shots are mixed with clips of live shows where fans are going crazy, and I feel like it’s these moments where if you didn’t think he was going to be a star already, you’ve got to change your mindset and understand that he is destined for greatness. At this point, the “She” in She Loves Boon could easily be interchangeable with any other pronoun that exists, because whether it’s “I”, “He”, “They”, or “Everyone”, the statement remains true due to the fact that it’s just impossible to not love this guy after hearing the innovative sounds he has been perfecting for years!