PSA – [DC the Don]

If you didn’t already know, DC the Don is definitely one of my all-time favorite up-and-comers right now, and my admiration for the young talent continuously grows every time he drops something new because he never disappoints even a little bit. He is able to mash so many different genres into one including emo, punk, rap, hyperpop, trap, and more, so although I never expected to appreciate him nearly as much as I do when I first found out about him, these genres are some of my absolute favorites, so it only makes sense that I can’t get enough of his sound.

In the same breath, he doesn’t overdo any of these things to the point of boxing himself in, so I think it is beyond easy for any fan of hip-hop to get into his music and see just how talented he is. As he prepares for his next project My Own Worst Enemy to drop at the end of this week, he is back with another track produced by Maajins called “PAS” alongside a music video that is perfect yet again.

Directed by Eddy 7.8, the Milwaukee hitmaker finds himself back in the halls of high school, and DC’s sound makes it so easy for this setting to fit in with the vibe of the track. It’s clear that DC is part of the outcasts considering they seem to slack off in class, hit the bathroom for vape sessions, and cause a ruckus in different parts of the school, but if this is what an outcast is, he pulls it off and almost makes me wish I was a part of that crowd back when I was in school.

I love how creative his visuals are time and time again, with this one being no different, and the song itself is more than enough to get us excited for the release of his forthcoming project. Although I haven’t heard it yet, obviously, DC is expected to drop a whopping 22 songs without any features that I know of as well as production from legends like JetsonMade, Starboy, Charlie Heat, Supah Mario, and more, so while we already know what kind of a treat we’re in for, “PSA” is just the record to hold us over for a few more days and I couldn’t be more thrilled.