In an industry where forced facades are commonplace, exuberant artists like Boston’s own Clark D break the mold and tell their stories in ways that are true to them instead of what may be deemed commercially viable, which is really just a cherry on the top of his already compelling sound. Clark’s authentic approach to his art is a complete breath of fresh air, and his smile-told raps promise an undeniably fun listen track after track. Clark has molded his sound by himself from top to bottom by producing, rapping, and mixing most of his work, and as a result, his music’s composition is a clear embodiment of who he is. This gives us a deeper look into the man behind the music, and his track, PSA [ALL GOOD THINGS FREESTYLE] is a triumphant example of Clark and the journey he’s trekked to get here.

Growing from the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston, the Haitian-American artist is seldom shy of shouting out his hometown and delving into the role that it has played in who he is throughout his tracks. Clark wears it all on his sleeve in his music, and this candid nature of his art has resonated with audiences and critics alike. Last year, the release of his explosive track, Never Adds Up, made a splash in playlists and was turning heads across the underground, collecting nearly half a million streams. The emotive track fell in my lap late last year thanks to the beautiful thing that is my Spotify algorithm, and I was instantly made a fan of Clark D and everything he was pushing. Beyond that, though, above his looping production lies Clark’s contagiously unrelenting energy reflecting on his blessings and everything he’s overcome. Don’t get it twisted, though; Clark’s art is far beyond just triumphant anthems, a theme he took to heart and proved through the release of his eclectic offering, CLARKDPROPAGANDA, which was just released last month. On this album, Clark experiments with different sounds and themes that we hadn’t heard prior, and he struck gold on tracks like CHERRY BLOSSOM, CHAMPION SONG, & PSA…, among others. Drowning in charisma, his pen narrates his everyday life, detailing personal and community-shared struggles with candid insight. The extensive sound of the project was well executed and really reveals that Clark can do it all. He may have said it best on his track, MASS EFFECT, while asserting, “They say Clark got mass appeal, this a massive fact,” and I couldn’t agree more!

Despite the abundance of music we were introduced to via the release of his album, there was one track in particular that especially stood out to me, that being PSA [ALL GOOD THINGS FREESTYLE]. Framed by sharp bars, stop-and-go sampled production – brought to us by the man himself, and palpable confidence, the track is simply fun bottled in sonic form, and it’s been on repeat for me and for good reason. Tap in with, PSA [ALL GOOD THINGS FREESTYLE] using the links below!


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