Proper Finessments – [Jefe Replay]

Few and far in between are projects that truly capture a moment in time, or a specific energy that refuses to be recreated. These are the projects that find longevity in their utter authenticity, and further so, these are the projects that we can deem important as they take the strides toward shared goals within a community of fans. Today, we have evidence of one of these projects as Boston’s own Jefe Replay hits the headlines with his long-awaited, highly-anticipated debut project, Proper Finessments.

Several years in the making, Proper Finessments feels as though it perfectly captures the flourish and growth of Boston’s budding music scene over the past few years. It encapsulates a time and a place where the whole city refused to give up, creating their own infrastructure and finding their own resources to thrive despite never being known as a hip-hop city. Now, a few years removed from the beginnings of Boston’s current music scene, the city can look back and truly see how far they’ve come thanks to pure ambition and dedication toward brighter days.

Jefe Replay has been instrumental in this growth that I speak of, and now that his debut project is out, it’s only right to pay proper dues and acknowledge that this could very well be a turning point for Boston. One artist after another, the 617 has something to say, and Proper Finessments is the well-polished dreamer of a release that’s ready to be heard far beyond the borders of Boston and Massachusetts. I could go on about this one all day, but just know that this is a must-listen for all of our readers, whether you’re from the East Coast or not.

Stream Proper Finessments at the link provided below and let us know what you think in the comments!