Project X – [Young Nudy]

Every year, I look back at the music that was released in the previous 12 months, and sometimes I’m more excited about these releases than other years. When considering all of the emcees I found out about in 2022 as well as all of the music that we were blessed with from artists of all different levels, I am pretty pleased to say that this year was a success, and we have so much amazing music to continue bumping into 2023.

One of the emcees who truly showed out this year was Young Nudy, an Atlanta icon who has always been one of my favorite artists in the world, but his album EA Monster truly took things to an entirely different level. I mean, there are almost too many bangers on this effort to count, and one of the very best is his song “Project X”, yet another jam produced by his close friend and frequent collaborator Pi’erre Bourne. Luckily, this track received a visual treatment recently that was co-directed by Nudy himself as well as iNightLyfe, and the results are definitely as creative as it gets.

It begins inside of some random person’s home as they somehow got on a facetime call with Nudy, inviting him to a “Project X” type rager that Nudy promises to be at. After hanging up, the one guy’s mom tells him no parties, but as the plot of the movie Project X goes, his promise is broken the minute she leaves the house. In a matter of no time, so many people fill the lavish home that you can’t even see the ground, and things turn up really quickly.

From lovely ladies dancing around and jumping in the pool to a bounce house filled with even more women, this is definitely a gathering that would have even the least hardcore party-goers jealous that they missed out. With that being said, make sure you check it out as soon as you can to make sure you don’t have music video FOMO from overlooking this ridiculously intriguing visual.