Project Of A Person – [Lund]

Today’s overall music landscape – at least from a wide spectacle – is dominated by rapidly developing sounds and styles, many of which end up becoming trends in their own right. The all-around progressive approach that acts are taking today as rising artists is producing some of the most unprecedented and nuanced music to ever grace this very landscape, but the results are almost always a work-in-progress from the grand majority of these individuals. 

That exact sentiment is the greatest reason to appreciate music today that saturates itself in sounds of the norm, but perfected to the highest degree imaginable. To make a tried and true artistic statement without coming off as “by the numbers” or simply “boring” is a daunting accomplishment in today’s music world is tellingly difficult, but all-the-more satisfying when an act is able to adequately achieve just that. 

For one of the most recent examples of this notion being put on full display, there is no one better to look to than the ever-rising Lund and his newest EP entitled “Project Of A Person.” Spanning 6 tracks and just under 20 minutes, the project’s short runtime fails to speak to any aspect that it has in store, as it is truly one of the most fine-tuned and absolutely outstanding pieces of alternative music to be released this year. 

Lund proves himself as arguably one of the most detail-oriented and simply keen artists to arise within this entire year throughout the entire project in itself. Not a single moment is wasted here — be it through his superb work on the mic or in the project’s dynamic instrumentation all the same. For as soft and understated as the EP sounds throughout, it never sees a single dull or ignorable moment. 

Tracks like the leading “DNA” and the following “Moon” are gripping from their compositional aspects alone. Both of these songs embellish upon the art of setting the listener up for an emphatic climax, with both of their main riffs leading into their own respective surges in percussion in such a momentous manner. Lund’s vocals aid these moments entirely as well, building up more and more apparent weight until that aforementioned climax hits. 

But his vocals truly take the most vivid spotlight on tracks like “Downhill” and “Red Tide.” The melancholic and even downbeat lyrical themes here are expertly communicated by his incredible vocals by themselves, but the way in which he flaunts them here in such a harmonic and soaring fashion just elevates both these songs in particular and the project that surrounds them to the stratosphere in the process. 

Lund has gone above and beyond in setting the mark for such an exciting and hopeful future ahead of him with this EP; it is a piece of content that not only peers towards what’s to come as a benchmark in itself, but it is also one that will stand the test of time as we move forward due to its sheer quality alone. He is certainly adding credence to the fact that outstanding art never has to be jaw-dropping in its progressive nature, but it absolutely can be in perfecting the previous standards set by others.