Problem – [Delto] x [ericdoa]

One aspect that seems to get lost in the minds of those who are not as accustomed to the rising crop of new-age pop musicians is that they do indeed have quite the telling amount of traditional “pop appeal” in their music despite its progressive tendencies. Acts in this light are simply taking the tried and true stylistics of past eras in the genre and are applying them to these unfounded lanes moving forward — lanes that they themselves are creating in the process.

For just about the greatest and most vivid picture of this sentiment in full effect, look no further than the tandem of Delto and ericdoa — two artists who entirely encapsulate the simplest idea of pop music down to its most basic facets, but placed directly in this new and progressing age. While Delto has shined mostly through her remarkably prolific production presence throughout this year, she is beginning to make a name for herself on the mic as well in that exact same light. There is little left to even mention regarding ericdoa’s mark on the pop world in his own right,  considering that he is essentially the spitting image of tomorrow’s superstar talent at the mainstream level without question.

But the two have come together – with the help of the equally in-demand production presence of Glasear – to create one of this year’s most emphatic pop experiences with their newest track “Problem.” Despite its brief runtime at just over a minute and a half, this song does more than enough within that period to impress beyond even the highest expectations that it had before knowing the talents that each of these three figures hold. 

A daunting intro eventually leads into an absolute explosion of a hook from Eric himself, with his always-melodic and entrancing delivery serving to kick the song off in the most emphatic manner imaginable. The instrumental certainly makes itself apparent at the same time as well, with the striking low end standing in perfect contrast to the glistening and soaring bells that add such an ideal dynamic touch to the already-moving beat as it stands.

Delto herself takes up the second portion of the track after Eric’s marvelous performance, and it is safe to say she does her part in adequately matching the passage that came before. Her presence on the mic is just as thrilling, and its lyrical themes of moving forward past any sort of unwarranted hate add to the song’s directly optimistic and hopeful themes as a whole — from the words themselves right down to how the song sounds all the same. 

The end product here is, again, such an exhilarating and blissful pop ballad that proves the magnificent artistry of each act involved in its construction. These acts are still at the dawn of the careers, and to think that they have all the time in the world to build upon this already-immense artistic status that they all have at this very moment is a thought that is just as joyous as this very song itself.