Prince Marley gets assist from Boosie in latest track “Started From the Bottom.”

Prince Marley, a gifted artist hailing from Brooklyn but rooted in Virginia, demonstrated his talent through his latest track, “Started From the Bottom.” I hadn’t heard Marley prior, but in seeing this track come across my inbox and seeing the legendary Boosie Badazz on the song definitely caught my attention. The collaboration will undoubtedly boost the attention of listeners everywhere.

“Started From the Bottom” serves as a powerful chronicle of Marley’s journey to success, a testament to his unwavering determination and hard work. The co-production by Laphelle and Nick Jacobs introduces a high-energy feel, laying a strong foundation for both Marley and Boosie to deliver their verses with confidence.

Marley’s no stranger to success, with his previous project, “No Love Lost,” and his collaboration with industry legend Jadakiss already having established him as an artist worth noticing before some legal troubles paused his career. In this latest track, he remains true to his core belief in creating organic sounds and delivering authentic messages. As a result, “Started From the Bottom” exudes genuine emotions and experiences that resonate with listeners.

The synergy between Marley and Boosie on this track is undeniable, showcasing their individual strengths and unique styles in perfect harmony. Marley’s distinctive vocal delivery complements Boosie’s magnetic presence and unmistakable sound, leaving listeners locked in from start to finish. Listen on Spotify below!