Primordial Ooze – [do not resurrect]

Ever since I got into underground Rap music, I’ve exposed myself to a variety of different subgenres and have an appreciation for most of these different categories. Out of all of them, some of my favorite music has been made by artists like $uicideboy$, Night Lovell, Ghostemane, and others, and I can’t really put a finger on exactly why. I almost feel self-conscious playing songs from artists like them for people I’m not overly familiar with due to a fear of being judged, but I typically do it anyway because, at the end of the day, I don’t truly care what they think of my taste in music. I guess I enjoy this typic of Rap because not only do the beats always go so hard, there’s just so much expression, passion, and emotion behind the dark stories that are delivered, and this adds elements that are just plain and simply missing in other types of Rap music. Although these artists have very deep and constantly growing arsenals of music that fans could never grow tired of, I’m always on the lookout for other talents that are making equally as impressive and unique music.

Most recently, my brother put me onto an artist who goes by the name of do not resurrect. Considering he’s still on the come up, it was hard to honestly find any sort of information about him, so I’m not even entirely sure where he’s from. All I know is the fact that he’s making some of the craziest, most impressive underworld Rap music I’ve ever heard, and he needs so much more recognition than he’s receiving currently. Any track you play on his SoundCloud will show you exactly why I feel this way, but you might as well start with his most recent song “Primordial Ooze”. When the song begins, the beat almost sounds like it’s being played out loud and someone is recording it as it blasts through a speaker. This only lasts for about 10 seconds before DNR comes in and the beat transitions to one that is more high quality, but that was an interesting strategy that captured my attention. There is a $uicideboy$-like pitched-down sample in the production as well as thunderous 808s and loud, rattling hats that combine for a beat that is right up my alley.

As DNR comes in to spit his verse, his voice is so low that it comes off as if a demon possessed his body and he’s stuck this way. His flow is absolutely insane as his delivery comes off in such a hard-hitting, menacing fashion unlike anyone else in the industry. Due to his extremely low voice, I want to compare him to Night Lovell, but he has different qualities within his delivery and sound that help differentiate himself and distance his music from the iconic Canadian rapper. He switches up his cadences a few times but every single version he uses seems hastier and more complex than its predecessor, and I just honestly never knew what direction he was heading in next which helped keep my interest piqued the entire time. It’s hard to understand exactly what he’s talking about, partially due to the fact that his voice is so low but mainly because he’s rapping so fast that it’s almost impossible to decipher exactly what he’s saying. Luckily, he included his lyrics under the link on SoundCloud, so I was able to realize that he was talking about a plethora of dark, violent themes involving guns, blades, and other weapons, combining together to prove that DNR is definitely not a person you want to mess with whatsoever.

Look, I understand that do not resurrect isn’t for everyone, but he’s right up my alley as far as a musical interest and I’m absolutely enthralled with every single song he drops. He may be an acquired taste for some while others might not understand the appeal whatsoever, but if you refuse to acknowledge the talent he so clearly has, then you’re just in denial. While it’s not always often that we get new music from the rising star, I definitely appreciate every release from him even though I was just put onto his music a couple of months ago. I want to see him eventually work with some of the aforementioned artists I talked about earlier because I think that he’d fit in flawlessly with any one of them, but I’m sure that’ll come with time. Either way, do not resurrect is such an individualistic artist and personality that you just have to tune in and form your own opinion. If you’re a fan of dark, $uicideboy$-like music, you’ll be an instant fan of do not resurrect, so give his latest release “Primordial Ooze” a listen and see his abundance of talents for yourself.