prick – [glaive]

I know some people who aren’t familiar with glaive might be getting sick of all the articles I write about him, but until they actually check out his music and tell me it’s not for them, I’m going to continue to write about his releases. In fact, even if they did tell me that they don’t like glaive, I’m still going to write about him because they’re wrong, and glaive is awesome, and that’s an unbiased opinion in my eyes.

Even though he’s so young, he has put out some of the most innovative, incredible music in the industry, and he never slows down for even a second, constantly blessing fans with new releases on a regular basis. I honestly don’t know how he juggles going to high school full time with a music career as well as a nationwide tour that I believe just wrapped up, but that makes me want to give him even more props for his unmatched work ethic because most other artists simply couldn’t keep up with him.

While he’s still riding high off of the success that then i’ll be happy and  all dogs go to heaven, he’s clearly not going to slow down anytime soon, so when I saw that he released a brand-new song called “prick” that he was hyping up for a while as well as a Mooch-directed music video right before this past weekend, I had to check it out and put other people on. As he hangs out in a home and around the forest outside of the estate, glaive reminisces about a girl in his life that seems to keep escaping him, and even when it seems like she’s right there next to him, he can’t seem to keep her nearly as close as he had hoped for.

Even towards the end of the video when he chases after her and finally gets to her, she turns around revealing a silver face that seems to show glaive that she was never who he thought she was in the first place. All of this takes a turn as the video ends with him taking off a massive virtual reality-looking headset that he seems to experience this whole storyline through rather than in the moment like I had anticipated throughout the entire visual. I honestly can’t imagine a day where I don’t tune into a new release from glaive, but I don’t want to think about that because I don’t think it will ever happen, and “prick” is just more evidence as to why, making it a music video you need to tap in with as soon as you find a moment.