Prices – [TheyNeedWeez]

Nashville is a city jam-packed with musical talent, bursting forth from the city’s overpopulated seams with a host of styles that stretch far beyond contemporary country music or glossy, big-budget pop music, but rather a city that boasts a host of overlooked and underrated talent across a number of styles, but most notably hip-hop and r&b which is regarded as an ironic afterthought by the un-hip and a tremendous source of pride to the people in the city who consume and enjoy the music. Nashville is a city with incredible history whose people and its struggles have always been indicative of the greater problems in America for hundreds of years, a fertile ground for creatives and leaders for centuries, that has been unfairly relegated to being country music, honky-tonk central. TheyNeedWeez is one of the latest artists to begin to set himself apart from the rest of the crowded music scene in Nashville with his intimate and verbally manicured r&b stylings which connect with his listeners beyond the catchy lyrics and sweet melodies. Weez just unloaded his new single and music video for his track “Prices” that serves as a solid introduction to the artist if you are not yet familiar and takes you into his world through the lens of OluVisualGod who directed and edited the visual. Upbeat drums accent the melancholy melody of the Nasty Nyse production and set an open backdrop for Weez’s velvety vocals to float over.