Pretty Insane (an interlude) – [JGrrey]

2018 was a banner year for R&B, and with the foregone emergence of JGrrey it looks like 2019 won’t be any different. On “Pretty Insane (an interlude),” The UK songstress shows she has all the tools to be the next crooner from across the pond to make a splash.

Where some R&B can be a little formulaic and devoid of creativity, JGrrey shatters the notion with a beautiful video that puts her unique, striking style at the forefront while still mixing in a left-field, surreal storyline to give it an unconventional feel. Of course, all of this is a compliment to her silky vocals. The epitome of a slow burn, JGrrey doesn’t need to oversing to captivate; before you even know it, she’ll have you hooked.

If this is only “an interlude” I’m excited to see what she has to offer for feature presentation.