Pressure – [iivrson]

It has been no secret that Atlanta is quite possibly the most talent dense city in America and almost every “next-up” list that has been circulating with the end of the year around the corner has featured one of the innumerable artists that have captivated many because of their raw creative power and penchant for crisp but potent aesthetics that perfectly capture both their environment and youthful mental states and this has quickly endeared these artists to their listeners throughout their city and across an increasingly numerous internet audience.

Recently another young Atlanta native who goes by the name iivrson unveiled his new visual for his track “Pressure” and it is truly one of the best videos I have seen all year. First and foremost the visual aspect of “Pressure” cannot be ignored and the combination of Jeremy Baiden’s direction and NotMikeTate’s editing made for one of the most captivating music videos of the year, and this honestly came as no surprise given that iivrson’s previous visuals have been just as wonderful.

“Pressure” is bolstered by a crashing and ominous instrumental that creates a massive and daunting atmosphere around iivrson’s vocals. Much of this song is about the difficulties faced by artists, especially ahead the time when they eventually “come-up” and are able to support themselves solely from profits from their music, but iivrson faces other challenges in this song such as mental health and the roadblock that a poor mental state presents to the creative process. I am so, so excited to see what iivrson has next for us and there is zero doubt in my mind that he will be a household name in the near future.