Pressure – [CEO Youngin]

I’ve talked a lot about how Nashville, TN’s rap scene is coming into form after years and years of artists trying their hands at putting the city on the country’s radar as a place known for developing rap talent and over the past three years with the emergence of artists like Fredo Ruthless, Trapperman Dale, TeamLilStraw, Ganz & Lil Queze and obviously several more, many people have been forced to turn their heads to the exciting things happening in Tennessee’s biggest city. Nashville’s sound draws in parts from Memphis’s iconic and trunk-rattling sound but also interestingly has taken a great deal of influence from Detroit music as well, thanks to producers like LoadMeUpIV, DJ Chill, and FullyLoadedTana. 42 Dugg recently signed a Nashville artist by the name of CEO Youngin to his new “Young & Turnt” imprint and I frankly wasn’t all too surprised to see Dugg choose and artist from Nashville after his lyric from his last project “Why move to the A? It’s closer to the Nash'” that surmised many of Detroit’s connections to the area both musical and not. On CEO Youngin’s newest visual for “Pressure” he and IVBeats give perhaps the best example we’ve heard yet of the ‘Nashville sound’ if you will and Youngin’s wicked and streetwise lyrics make it obvious why Dugg would want to bring him onto his label. If this is your first time hearing CEO Youngin I would definitely also recommend his tracks “Out of Control” and “Whole Time.” I am really excited to see where he goes with his music next and know that I speak for all of Nashville when I say that we are very proud of him and hope he can stay focused on his craft and stay out of trouble.