Presley Regier Makes Tremendous Strides In Debut EP, “RUN”

If you’re keen to keeping a close eye on what’s bubbling in the up-and-coming pop world, chances are that Presley Regier is a name that you’ve scrolled past at one point or another. Whether you’re familiar with Presley or not, now is the perfect time to get hip as yesterday marked the start of a brand new relationship between him and his listeners – unveiling a much wider scope of the creative world he’s been meticulously building since his early teenage years. At just 20 years old, Presley has already begun to reveal flashes of his creative brilliance through his production work (recent credits with Doja Cat, Tyga, BLP KOSHER, and more), but now we get the chance to view Presley through the lens of his own original music. After 3 memorable single releases dating back to late-April, I speak for all of us when saying we’re more than ready for Presley’s debut EP, and are thrilled that it’s finally ours to enjoy.

Released just yesterday, “RUN”, stands tall as a cunning, 7-song debut project that will go down as a foundational body of work within Presley’s overall artist journey. As we delve into “RUN” it becomes clear that Presley is in a constant internal battle with himself as he looks to escape from intruding negative thoughts. Whether it’s running from self-doubt, others’ expectations of him, or anxieties from a multitude of sources, “RUN” projects these feelings, fears, and contemplations, and explains them in great depth. Throughout the project, we are greeted by more upbeat works that we’ve already come to know and love (such as “NEVERMIND” and “NEED TO KNOW”), however, the meat of this project for me was the more somber ballad, “TOO LATE”,  the focus track, ”HAVE YOUR WAY”, and intro, “CANT FOCUS”. Executive produced by the likes of well-established creatives, Jasper Harris and Aaron Shadrow, with the help of other notable contributors such as Frank Dukes, Carter Lang, Louis Bell, and Ryan Tedder, there was certainly no shortage of collaboration on this project and ultimately made for the best possible final product.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “RUN” below, as this is not going to be a body of work that you’ll want to miss!