Prescription – [Remi Wolf]

Remi Wolf is a genre-defying pop star, but you already know this if you’ve been following along with her career thus far. While I don’t keep up with her constantly, I do love tapping in whenever I can because I know she’s never one to settle for normal or average. Instead, she delivers something special and memorable each time, so I try not to miss out whenever possible.

Thankfully, Remi is back with her latest single “Prescription,” co-produced by the songstress herself along with Solomonophonic, and Knox Fortune. While Remi brought me to this track, seeing Knox Fortune having a hand in its creation certainly raised my expectations even higher, and not a single part of this song disappointed, unsurprisingly. This highly anticipated release showcases the musician’s versatility and one-of-a-kind personality that is constantly pushing boundaries. In fact, there are actually two versions available including a 7-minute extended version, so fans have even more reason to indulge.

“Prescription” is a sonic delight, characterized by earnest synths, twinkling horns, and acoustic instrumentation, propelled by marvelous background pop elements. Remi’s expressive vocals beautifully convey the admiration of a love that’s new, infusing the song with genuine emotion and sincerity. With its wonderful mashup of pop, soul, and R&B inclusions, “Prescription” shows Remi Wolf’s ability to defy preconceived genre expectations and create music that surpasses the limits that other artists might conform to.

According to the release’s press release, the inspiration behind “Prescription” stems from a phone conversation between Remi and her friend Boots Riley. Remi shared that the song was created within 24 hours of the conversation with the creative trendsetter, and it will be featured in Boots Riley’s upcoming TV show, I’m a Virgo, set to premiere this summer.

As Remi Wolf continues to push the boundaries of her artistry, get ready to be immersed in Remi’s world as she takes you on a musical journey unlike any other with “Prescription”.