Premiere: You And Me Now-[Devault]&[Manila Killa]feat.[Griff Clawson]

If you’re looking for an electrifying song to kick start your weekend then I’ve most definitely got the perfect one for you.

Devault and Manila Killa are two very respected names in the industry and it’s always a treat when you get two legends to team up on a track. Today, that happened as these two artists dropped a brand new offering together called “You And Me Now”. The electronic fueled ballad has all of the right energy to make you feel every feeling known to man. From the production standpoint, you know exactly what you’re getting when these two get into a room together. It’s unbelievable what they were able to create sonically. The 4 minute and 26 second song will put you in a trance as the angelic ambience takes over all throughout it.

What’s even cooler about this song is that Griff Clawson made a well deserved appearance. If you haven’t heard of Griff Clawson before, then let this article serve as a blessing. The moment you hear Griff’s vocals, you’ll understand why it was so important for him to be integrated into this one.

I love everything about this song. Every element is elite and there’s really no dropping off from start to finish. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below to “You And Me Now”, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!