Premiere: Worst News – [Anklegod]

As a young artist traversing through the confusing jungle that is the music industry can prove to be incredibly difficult. At just 18 years old, the Canadian artist is already several years deep into an illustrious career that has only been amplified on his latest single “Worst News”a. A triumphant new single that lays the framework for Anklegod’s new beginning in the music industry.

What really made this song stand out in my eyes is the fact that the beat is what powers the song, keeping listeners on their toes at all times. The chorus seemingly comes out of nowhere and resets the narrative that Anklegod is setting. His booming vocals cut right through to listeners, diving into topics most can relate too. This record is really about taking any negative situations and trying to see it in the most positive light as possible, something that needs to be done as much as possible for peace of mind.

As a young person finding talent at a young age can come with its fair share of problems, luckily Ankle is able to see through it all and channel the intense emotions into his music. “Worst News” is the lead single to Anklegod’s debut album¬†Only Time Will Tell, due early 2020. An accurately titled project as it feels like its only a matter of time before the masses begin to understand the picture that Anklegod is trying to paint.

Listen to “Worst News” on all platforms here!