Premiere: White Plug – [Hollow Sinatra]

Individuality and substance are two surefire ways to achieve longevity as an artist. By large, they’re not something that you can fake, and they’re certainly not easy to force – they’re a natural part of an artist’s voice, and they’re two elements of artistry that Atlanta native Hollow Sinatra has consistently proven himself to hold.

Between the past features we’ve done on “False Prophets” and “Yard,” it should be clear that Sinatra’s voice is a meaningful one, always packed with substance and presented in one-of-a-kind manner. His latest release is no different, as the ATL representative is back on our pages once again with a brand new song and video entitled “White Plug.”

Described by Sinatra himself, “White Plug” embodies the following:

This track is a gospel, stripped back and modernized without the strings of “modern music”. Color-wise, I feel like this track is laced with whites and blues with the exposure cranked. I wanted it to feel like it was recorded in a big, atmospheric setting so vocal stacks & horns with reverb was essential. But the song speaks for itself – I’d rather let it speak to the listener without giving a grand synopsis on its meaning.

Needless to say, “White Plug” certainly does speak for itself, as the imposing horns, striking visual imagery, and breakneck drum beat all flesh together to create one of the most memorable and impactful new releases I’ve heard in recent memory. Sinatra’s artistic voice is sharpened as ever in this one, and the marriage between sonics and visuals only make “White Plug” all the more effective.

To over-describe this one would be to dilute its brilliance, so I’ll let Hollow’s latest speak for itself. But as I’m sure our readers are already aware, Atlanta