Premiere: Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, Palm Trees – [Charlie Burg]

From the raw liveliness of “Instead of My Room” to the soul-stricken sonics of “I Don’t Wanna Be Okay Without You,” Charlie Burg’s music is a direct projection of his emotional state. You have to live life to write about life, and few artists have better embodied this idea than the Detroit-bred talent, translating fervent emotions and the general ups, downs, and in-betweens of life into a catalog of honesty, if not anything else. Today, mirroring the life around him and marking the official welcome of the long days and late nights of the summer, Burg is here with a new, 3-track EP, Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, Palm Trees.

As the title connotates, this brief offering is simply a chance for Burg to step back, have fun with things for a moment, and gift the fans with new music to hold them over for the summer. In such a way, Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, Palm Trees almost feels as though it’s a “calm before the storm” kind of release, as Burg not only recently moved to New York City, but is also preparing for an upcoming tour with Ashe as well as the eventual rollout of his highly-anticipated debut album.

That said, sure, the latter end of the year will be a busy one for Burg, but at least for now, this 3-pack of songs will slow things down a bit and give us all a reason to sit back, breathe a little bit, and enjoy the season. Between the rhythmic allure of “Tha Breeze,” the silky smooth instrumentation of “Tha Steeze,” and the heartwarming “Palm Trees,” the soon-to-be-star, himself, has done it again. Deservedly so, life is becoming busier and busier for one of today’s most promising young artists, but it sounds as though he’s found time to smell the flowers amidst all of the back and forth.

Let this short EP run through again and again as you enjoy the weather, and be sure to catch Burg on tour with Ashe when they come to your city this fall!

Features: Stoop Lee, J.Robb, Squilly