Premiere: Slatt – [Ty Fontaine] [lilspirit]

Much talk has already been made of who the breakout artists of 2020 will be and beyond a shadow of a doubt, I can say that both lilspirit and Ty Fontaine will end this year as bona fide stars. The two recently connected on a new single titled “slatt” that has one of the most simultaneously thumping and beautiful instrumentals I have heard in the past couple of months. This beat was constructed by the trio of RioLevya, sidepce, and lilspirit who provided the guitar. Spirit and Ty go back and forth showing each of their individual skillsets that have been lauded by many although they were largely unknown quantities just a few months ago. I don’t think that I will stop playing this song anytime soon and I am beyond excited to see what each of these artists is capable of in the coming year.