Premiere: Reckless Endangerment – [Travis Thompson]

Out of all of the rappers in this industry, there are truly only a few that maintain that “it factor”. Music taste is and will always be subjective, but a rapper who I think definitely has the “it factor” is Travis Thompson. I’ve been listening to the Washington native for some time now and it’s such a pleasure to see him continuously evolve into something very special.

Today, the talented artist is making his way back onto our pages for the release of his brand new album entitled “Reckless Endangerment”. If you’re familiar with Travis, you’d know that his Lyrical delivery is out of this world. This project showcases that skill in every single way. I had such a fun time listening to this new offering by Travis; so much so that I had to grab a couple quotes from him to figure out what this project and these songs mean to him. 

One of my favorite tracks is a piece called “God’s favorite”. Travis explained that it “was one of the first songs we made for the album. We’ve  actually been sitting on it for a year now. I had way too many friends in the studio the night we made it… Way too much liquor and weed.  The song just fell out of me. Immediately it was fully tracked and recorded, right in the moment. We capture the whole vibe of the room on record. I remember we played it on repeat for a good  three hours, while we just turned up.  It felt good. The song feels good.” This insight makes so much sense when you take into account how much of a vibe this track is. Travis has a knack for creating songs that naturally flow and this is definitely one of them.

Another song that shows Travis’ vocal versatility and flavor is a song called “Malice”. This one features Ben Zaidi, who adds his own level of expertise to this well developed piece.  Travis was able to add some clarity to this one as well as he said: “Malice is not from the same session, but I made it in the same week as God’s Favorite. We were on a roll. I actually wrote and recorded it in this little tiny closet studio. The majority of the album was actually made in my friend Tyler Dobbs’ studio. When we made Malice, I wanted to make a breakup song, but with the least amount of saltiness. It’s the idea of just feeling offended by the idea that somebody even thinks you’re thinking about them still. That’s what I wanted to get across.”

I honestly could go on and on about this project just it truly is something that you all have to experience for yourself. Travis is really killing the game right now and it’s such a blessing to get new music from him on this fine Friday! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so stream “Reckless Endangerment” and let us know what you think!