Premiere: Poison – [Angel White]

Angel White. A beekeeper living in rural Texas, a former college football player, and by all counts, a remarkably thoughtful musician. Blending the spirituality of his personal life with a keen eye for aesthetics, White originally caught my ear with his acoustic, soul-stricken debut single, “A Lovely Place.” Following up with “Who Is Jesus?,” it was clear that the Texas native was onto something, and now, he’s here to prove it with a brand new single and video, “Poison.”

Backed by a cathartic, acoustic foundation, the latest from Angel White explores the emotional involvement of toxicity. Spoken by the man himself, “The song is about being involved in toxic situations, whether that be with yourself or someone else, but almost ignoring the toxicity of it due to the pleasure it brings, slowly killing the life inside.” Speaking to this point through impassioned vocals and honest lyricism, White puts his talents on full display with his latest, even proving his eye for the visual dimension of his music along the way.

Beginning with a shot of White struggling to crawl across a field, the camera slowly pans out until eventually, 3 men wearing black come into focus, carrying a coffin. Striking in presentation, the symbolic contrast between White and the other men becomes apparent, bringing “Poison” full circle as an impeccable showing of artistry.

Needless to say, by executing his creative vision with astounding care, Angel White’s latest proves why he’s a talent to be aware of. Doing everything on his own without a team, he’s setting the bar high, and it’s only just the beginning.

Don’t just take my word for it, though; be sure to check out “Poison” at the link provided below: