Premiere: Pablo – [18veno]

Since the last time we spoke with South Carolina’s 18veno, the BoyMeetSpace representative has been on a tear, offering new music and new videos every few weeks for the past couple of months. In light of this consistency – never misstepping and always raising the bar – Veno has quickly transformed into a favorite for next up out of South Carolina. Today, he’s here to prove it with an official stamp: his debut project, Pablo.

11 tracks long, Pablo fuses Veno’s massively versatile skillset into a pot of mean-mugging charisma, quotable lyrics, and otherworldly production. The result is a project that not only has something for everyone, but flows seamlessly as a whole, upping the ante with each successive track.

You couldn’t write a better story. Coming from Winnsboro, South Carolina, Veno landed in company with jetsonmade and Neeko Baby, among others, all of the sudden being paired with some of the best producers in music to kickstart his career. And when it came time to take that first step into the spotlight, Veno didn’t fold. He’s been on an unstoppable rise over the past few months, with Pablo as the celebratory exclamation point to cap it all off.

This project is the beginning of something great, so don’t sleep. Stream Pablo here, and read our latest conversation with 18veno about his debut tape below.

– – – – –

LL: How long did it take to make the tape?

Really man, I’m always working on it. I just be making songs all the time, so a n***a could put together a tape any time. Now was the perfect time, though. I done got all kind of juice, motherf*ckers know how I am… when I dropped “Slugs,” that kinda took me to a different level. So the next step after that was to give ‘em a tape.

LL: Take me through the title of the project, Pablo.

My real name is Paul. When I was in the fourth grade, I was in Spanish class and the teachers used to give all the kids their own name in Spanish – mine was Pablo. Then when I got to middle school, I had a few homies calling me Pablo. Not everyone, but it was enough people calling me Pablo and I f*cked with it enough for it to stick. After that, I dropped a tape in ninth grade called Pablo after Pablo Escobar. N***a wanted to be a plug, so my tape is inspired by Pablo Escobar and what he had going on. For the cover art, we mimicked his mugshot.

– – – –

LL: What can people expect out of this tape?

You could pick your poison. I got some singing shit on there, some hard shit on there, and that Veno, young n***a shit on there. Everybody gonna have their favorite song. I’ll break it down:

“Mic Check” was one of the last songs I put on the tape along with “EA Sports.” “Mic Check” is just fun.

“Concrete” is number two, and it ain’t nothing but quotes in there. N***as gonna relate to “Concrete.”

“Wild Boy” is one of them soothing beats. It’s more like “Slugs” because it’s one of the cooler beats, but with straight gangsta shit on it.

“EA Sports” is one of them ones, bar-for-bar. N***as can’t f*ck with me, bar-for-bar. Every word on that is straight, it’s legendary.

“Cops & Robbers” with [PG RA] gonna be a young n***a anthem.

“Trap Or Die” is just some cool, singing shit. Some different vibes in the middle of the tape just to switch things up.

“In & Out” goes back to straight trap, straight gangsta shit.

It’s followed by “Who At The Door” – more straight gangsta shit.

“Slugs” is next up – that one is already out, but it’s something different to calm down the tape right before the end.

“Sunset” is something for the ladies – you gotta have a song for the b*tches. You ain’t versatile if you can’t make a song about a girl. I don’t always wanna go there but when I want to, I can.

“1942” is the last song on the tape – and that’s it, that’s Pablo.

LL: What can people expect now that your first tape is out?

This is really gonna help me cross that line. N***as trying to change from local to worldwide. It’s time to take it to another level. Pablo gonna ride the year out, and then at the top of 2021, it’s back on they necks, tape two. Right away.

LL: Anything else?

I’m hungry as f*ck. I’m the next legend. I’m next, I’m him. He is I and I is him. Whoever slept on this shit and looked down on me is getting lapped. I’m that young n***a. I’m from Winnsboro, South Carolina – somewhere that nobody is from and somewhere that nobody has made it out of. I’m about to put the Carolinas on the map and pave a way for all my young n***as to eat. F*ck all these f*ck n***as.