PREMIERE: On Game – [Nil Bambu]

Although R&B isn’t a genre I typically find myself leaning towards considering I personally prefer the upbeat, faster pace that is present within hip-hop and rap offerings, there’s something about it that I just can’t get enough of. Whether that’s the incredible vocalists that contribute to this genre or the slower, smoother style that they often bring to life, I feel as if R&B is as dexterous as any other genre, but it doesn’t get the shine it deserves as hip-hop artists seem to take over the world one day at a time.

I might pay closer attention to other subsets of music, but when an artist gets sent my way like Nil Bambu, I have literally no choice but to listen up and pay my respects where they’re due. Although her song “On Game” might be my introduction to her sonic world, it’s everything I could ask for and more in order to familiarize myself with this beyond promising up-and-comer, and the Tony Katai-shot music video is the perfect accompaniment to a record this powerful.

In a world that’s created full of fast, luxurious cars, nothing steals the spotlight from Nil for even a second, and she’s clearly the center of attention no matter what scene you watch. Some shots show her lounging out on the hood of some of these lavish vehicles while others get a bit more intricate. During one specific shot, she seems to get into a bit of an argument with a love interest of hers, causing her to lay down the hammer and show that she calls the shots as she gets out of the car and goes on her way.

One more intriguing scene comes inside of a parking garage when Nil dresses up in an all-white outfit that matches her accompanying background dancers, and as she vibes out to her song, her dance moves also prove that she’s not just a singer, but much more than that. “On Game” should be all you need and more to become obsessed with Nil Bambu, so make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and check out the song’s music video premiere below.