Premiere: Kiss The Moon – [Connis]

As much as it seems to get lost in translation nowadays, the central purpose of a music video is to translate the emotions and sentiment of a song into visual format so as to help fan better understand and visualize the artist’s creative direction. Sure, we could just throw this wordy definition at any video and figure out whether or not it sticks, but even beyond this, there’s a second main aspect that goes into the purpose of a music video — a more innate one, at that. This purpose is simply to create a world around a given song or project; but first, you need a project worth creating a world around, and Massachusetts artist Connis has just that with his stellar new album, Conn(is).

Arriving with a complementary short filmConn(is) is the kind of project that’s easy to get lost in, analyzing personal highs, lows, growth, and more than anything, the art of soul-searching. Connis uses impressive storytelling and endearing vulnerability to tell his story in a notably personal light, and the final result is a project that I find myself revisiting at least a few times a week. With this, while the entire tape is worthy of a listen, one song, in particular, that has always stuck out is “Kiss The Moon,” which we here at Lyrical Lemonade have the pleasure of premiering the official music video for today.

“Kiss The Moon” may incorporate more out-there sonic stylings as compared to a lot of other cuts on the album, but I can assure you that its mesmeric production and palatial vocals are amongst Connis’ most impressive musical moments. The song is artful, it’s true-to-self, and more than anything, it’s just the kind of cut that deserves a great set of visuals to match, bringing us back to the topic at hand here: the official “Kiss The Moon” music video.

Just as the title of the song indicates, “Kiss The Moon” sort of spaces out and lets Connis reflect for a moment — a perspective that the Simon Morrison-directed music video perfectly highlights. Each scene captures the thoughtfulness that went into the project, and along the way, fans get to see some of the settings and surroundings that helped contribute to the creativity behind this one. Seeing Connis in such a candid, reflective state truly creates an entire world around this fantastic offering, and when the beat switches up in the second half, the aesthetics of the video are sure to remind listeners why they need to be paying attention to the Massachusetts artist in the first place.

On the heels of his fantastic new project, Connis continues to impress, and “Kiss The Moon” is yet another must-watch step along the way. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Directed by Simon Morrison (@spaceysim)
Shot by Caleb Weiss (@calebkebob)
Edited by Caleb Weiss, Simon Morrison & Connor Donovan