Premiere: Gold Rush – [King Acne] ft. [Kamel]

In the age of the internet, with more accessibility to resources for learning, creating, etc. than ever before, we’re seeing the bar to get noticed land far beyond just cool songs. Whether it be an active social media presence, strong visuals, or something else, a strong fanbase requires more than a Spotify link, and the result of such is a surge of talents rising to the challenge in unique and innovative ways. One artist, in particular, who embodies such is California native King Acne, whose cartoon character presence and outstanding – and I mean, outstanding – DIY visuals are his x-factors to cut through the noise. Today, the man himself is here to bless our pages with a premiere of his brand new offering, “GOLD RUSH” featuring Kamel.

Just under 7 minutes in length, the “GOLD RUSH” visuals take shape as more of a short film than a music video, with Acne’s mind for plot, cinematography, and screenwriting eclipsing most artists with a million-dollar budget. In regards to meaning, Acne describes “GOLD RUSH” with the following: “What most people don’t realize is the California Gold Rush never ended. Gentrifiers and transplants still come to the Wild West to go for gold.”

Visualized through a journey of drugs, violence, and power, the latest from Acne tackles the current-day gold rush with movie-like precision, building a world unto its own in such a short amount of time and with nothing but a vision and a DIY budget to oblige. Add this impeccable mind for visuals to a hard-nosed song, strung around bellowing 808s and the cracked smile of his hypnotic melodies, and you get an unbelievable release that far transcends what you would expect from an artist so early in his career.

Quite clearly, King Acne’s abilities range across multiple mediums, and the marriage between them all is what makes him such a talented name to watch. Don’t take just take my word for it, though – learn about the “GOLD RUSH” below and stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music!

Produced by As If !